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Baxter Publishing B.V. develops original content in the field of English-language studies for educational, informative or entertainment purposes. It publishes this material through established publishers or under its own imprint. Baxter Publishing is an associate company of Baxter Communications B.V., an international communications consultancy. Both companies are based in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

Handboek zakelijk Engels
Andy and Astrid Baxter
Sdu Uitgevers, 2004, 336pp.

A highly useful reference work in Dutch for those who use English every day in their work. It is designed particularly for Dutch- and Flemish-speaking business people, working in internationally operating companies or multinationals. Read more>>

Baxter's English Survival KitBaxter's English
Survival Kit

Andy and Astrid Baxter

Sdu Uitgevers, 2006, 152pp.

Is it its or it's? Bring or take? Off or of? This handy book will save you from making many of the mistakes most deeply ingrained in the English of native speakers of Dutch. It covers spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary, and offers help with letter writing, advises on how to make a good presentation in English, and gives tips on how to survive social gatherings where English is the lingua franca. Read more>>
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Language Tips
Between 2000 and 2007, Baxter Publishing published a weekly digital newsletter, called Language Tips. The newsletter was linked to a website with useful links, book recommendations and an archive of previous issues. We are currently investigating the possibility of reissuing some of this material in due course. If you would like to be kept up to date on developments, please add your name to our mailing list. Read more>>

De daalders van Jan Kees ...

De daalders van Jan Kees ... of waarom de Yankees met dollars betalen, by Andy and Astrid Baxter (112pp.) is a collection of entertaining and surprising facts about the 'interface' between English and Dutch. In preparation. Read more>>

100 Quick Intranet Tips
For schools, colleges, companies and other organisations, we publish several collections of 100 Quick Tips that can be used in rotation on your intranet. They help students and staff improve their English in the best posisble way - little and often. Read more>>

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